Facade cladding

We offer a wide range of lightweight and robust products in various desired shapes, providing protection for both glass and non-glass facades. We offer the following products:

· Aluminum composite facade cladding

· Glass facade cladding

· Curtain walls


we design and manufacture quality aluminium facade systems. Our aluminium facade systems are used for the exterior of office buildings and other major construction projects. Ever since the 1600’s people have used facade systems to decorate and innovate their buildings. In the Dark Ages, people built the facades mostly from stone. Facades have been built mostly on big churches and mansions. In 2016 we built in a more modern style, most often with metals.

Aluminium facade systems can be used on buildings for multiple purposes. Most architects use facade systems for heat control, sun control or ventilation of buildings. In modern architecture, aluminium facades are very popular because of its different uses. Besides aluminium, we supply facade systems in zinc, stainless steel, copper, brass or titanium.

There’s no need to conform to standard facade sizes. D&D can tailor the panel products to suit the functional and aesthetic requirements of any project. We can supply various sizes, curves, and shapes.


In architectural cladding there are many advantages in using aluminium over other metals. When designing and constructing buildings it’s always important to look at all possible advantages that metal can offer. We listed some of the most important material qualities of aluminium.

Aluminium is very lightweight
Aluminium facade systems will be easier to install than for example steel facade systems. This is because aluminium is an extremely light metal, weighing a third of the weight of steel. When designing your facade, aluminium will save costs and is easy to install.

Resistant to weather and corrosion
Aluminium is oxide coated, this coating protects the metal from corrosion and other weather effects naturally. Having aluminium is, therefore, an advantage for your building. Aluminium will last for several decades.

Aluminium is very flexible
If you are looking for a flexible metal then aluminium is your metal of choice. It’s easily bent and very flexible. This is why we can supply any tailor-made facade system easily in aluminium.

Aluminium is easy to recycle
Of all the metals aluminium is the metal that is very easy to recycle without losing quality. It takes very little energy to recycle and that without loss in quality.



· Open joint honeycomb systems

· Closed joint honeycomb systems

· Open joint single skin systems


· Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) panels

· Mineral wool panels

· Polyurethane panels

· Polyisocyanurate (PIR) panels


· Single skin

· Single skin with insulated backing


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