Curtain Walls

Few things lend a modern, lighted look to a building better than a curtain wall system. These non-structural features keep the weather out but keep the admiring occupants in. We’ve built facades into numerous large-scale projects and can do the same for yours.

Curtain walls clad a building envelope in glass and aluminum to protect the interior and provide a safe and comfortable environment for the building occupants. Curtain walls are designed to only carry their own weight. The wall transfers wind loads to the main building structure, or main wind force resisting system (MWFRS), at connection points in the floors or columns. They are designed to resist air and water infiltration as well as sway created by wind and seismic forces.

Curtain walls may span from floor to floor or multiple floors and can also be used in punched opening applications. They take into consideration design requirements such as:

Thermal expansion and contraction

Building sway and movement

Water diversion

Thermal efficiency

Cost-effective interior lighting

We provide a complete suite of engineering services and tools to help you with selection, specification and installation of your curtain wall system. With our help, you’ll have a more modern-looking building in no time. D&D keeps businesses up to date.