Prefabricated Steel Structures

Steel structure is a metal structure formed by steel components linked together to transmit and bear load. Thanks to the high tensile strength of steel, this structure is very solid and requires less material than other types of structure as concrete or timber structures.

In modern construction, steel structures are used for most types of building structures including heavy industrial factory buildings, high-rise building, equipment support system, infrastructure, bridge, tower, airport terminal, rack systems, etc.

Structural Steel is steel construction materials manufactured with specific shape and chemical composition, suitable to the technical specifications of each project. Depending on the specifications applied to each project, steel structures might come in various shapes and sizes, different fabrications (hot rolled, welded steel sheets together or bent steel plates). Common shapes include: I-Beam, HSS, Angle, Z, C (Channel), Tee, Ray, Bar, Rod, Plate


· Frame structures: Beams and columns

· Grids structures: latticed structure or dome

· Prestressed structures

· Truss structures: Bar or truss members

· Arch structure